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How to Survive and Thrive in an Ad Agency

If you are just starting your advertising career and looking for the best advertising job that fits your skills, then you're about to embark on a wonderful journey just like I did when I first started.

Before I became a writer, I worked in an advertising agency. I was a Media Strategist, the person responsible for positioning the clients' products using the most appropriate media to obtain the best target reach and the most effective delivery of the intended message. I worked closely with the Advertising Account Executive and at some point, the Creative Director. I was the one holed up on the computer doing research and preparing media plans, but geared up, ready for client calls. It was my dream job, and I had lots of fun while I was there.

But I didn't fit in at the start. I had difficulty blending in, especially since I was new to the industry. An ad agency is like a jungle with an intimidating, cutthroat, and competitive culture where young, creative, and strategic minds meet. But guess what? After finding my place in that jungle, I survived and even thrived.

If you are seeking advertising agency jobs or planning to have a flourishing advertising career, there's definitely a way to survive and even stand out in an ad agency.


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Be yourself

Ad agencies teem with different personalities, and if you're not careful, you can get thrown in all directions trying to please everyone just to get their approval. Take time to find your own place and establish your own identity. Let everyone know who you are, what you're capable of, and what you can bring to the table.


Be responsible

An ad agency grows by the number of clients it has. You, as part of the clients' service team, must give them the best and the greatest at all times. Know what your clients require and what your team can provide in response to your clients' needs. Pay attention to details, be responsible for what you provide, and be accountable for your actions. Needless to say, be punctual, especially during client meetings.


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Be a team player

An ad agency relies on a team from different areas to meet the needs of its clients, including creative, media planning, account management, and production, among others. You have to talk to each department as well as the clients and find a balance during projects. Keeping vital information while executing a traditional or nontraditional advertising campaign not only hurts your agency team's efforts, but it may also damage the ad agency's relationship with the clients.


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Give your best

An ad agency is a great place for growth. It's run by individuals whose talent, professional experience, skills, and desire to move forward on their advertising career path have rewarded them with knowledge and career advancement. If you give your best to every project or job, you will shine and gain the recognition you truly deserve. 


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Have fun

The classic depiction of a glitzy, fast-paced ad agency life in TV shows and films may deceivingly entice anyone who has not worked in an ad agency before. And that's okay.

While ad agency life really revolves around endless research, pitching, sleepless nights, presenting, and starting from the bottom after a big NO from a client, it has its silver linings. One of them is FUN. Working in an ad agency can be fun, with lots of small wins and big celebrations with a team of talented people, but only if you've done your job well. 


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By Rainne Celespara, Guest Author | April 04, 2017
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